Melanoma and Pigmented Lesion Clinic

magnifying glass looking at a spot on the skin

The Melanoma and Pigmented Lesion Clinic is a part of the Cutaneous Oncology Program at the GW Cancer Center. This weekly clinic, overseen by Vishal Patel, MD, provides ongoing surveillance for patients with a personal history of melanoma.

In addition, we offer the following services:

  • We see patients at elevated risk of melanoma, including those with a personal history of dypsplastic nevi (atypical moles) or a family history of melanoma.
  • For patients with numerous dysplastic nevi, we utilize total body photography to assess for new or changing lesions.


Referring physicians and outside providers, please fax biopsy results or prior records to 202-741-2210 if referring a patient.

For new patients, referrals, or consultations, please contact the Cutaneous Oncology Program at 202-741-2210 or email Patients can also contact our melanoma patient navigator at 202-741-2210​​​​​​​.