Male Fertility and Sexual Health Preservation Clinic

For boys or men who have been diagnosed with cancer, we offer a unique program to help them protect their fertility regardless of the treatment they need to undergo. You can begin cancer treatment with little or no delay, confident that you have taken every step possible to allow the option of future children. Our program also helps cancer survivors maintain their sexual function following treatment.

Specialty Care for Fertility Preservation

Male patients of any age who have received a diagnosis of cancer — from lymphoma to testicular cancer — should consult our male fertility specialists prior to undergoing any treatment or call us on (202) 677-6961. Cancer survivorship starts the day you’re diagnosed.

Our specialists provide a quick, but thorough, evaluation. We consider the type of cancer diagnosis you have received along with your proposed course of treatment. Many treatments that target cancer cells have a lethal effect on sperm cells as well, which can affect future fertility.

It is critical to see our specialist prior to starting treatment since patients who have already undergone chemotherapy may not be eligible for fertility preservation. 

Fertility preservation in sexually mature males

In sexually mature males, including boys who are capable of masturbation, we can cryopreserve (freeze) sperm cells for the future.

We also offer a unique microsurgical sperm retrieval procedure called ex vivo microTESE. If a sperm analysis reveals that the sperm is not robust or plentiful enough to support fertility our specialists gather sections of testicular tissue where sperm is produced. Then, using a high-powered microscope, they collect healthy sperm that can be preserved.  

Infertility prevention in sexually mature males

MicroTESE is also an option for men who have undergone cancer treatment and find themselves infertile. We have medicines or drugs to promote fertility in many of these patients. We then use microTESE to identify healthy sperm that can be harvested for use with in vitro fertilization.

Fertility preservation in sexually immature males

In sexually immature boys, we work with a pediatric urologist who uses an experimental protocol to take stem cells and mature them into sperm. This may allow these children to undergo cancer treatment yet still have a chance of being a biological father in their future.

Specialty Care for Sexual Health Preservation

It is not uncommon for men to deal with erectile dysfunction following cancer treatment or urologic procedures. The loss of sexual function can have a damaging effect on a man’s identity and sense of manhood.

Patients who work with us prior to treatment will undergo a complete hormonal evaluation so that we can understand their hormonal baseline. Following treatment, we use hormonal therapies to help men return to their “normal” and maintain or regain sexual function.

For those patients who have not received a pre-treatment examination, we are still able to support sexual health using testosterone replacement and other hormonal support.