Mariam Said

When Mariam Said reflects on her cancer story she is reminded of what truly matters in life, “For me it’s my family and my health. I remember the shock when I first learned I had breast cancer. The pace at which my life changed was frightening, especially with three young children to think about.”

Within a year, Mariam underwent chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and reconstructive surgery.

But she wasn’t alone. As a doctor herself, Mariam knows the importance of having a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals behind you.  “Throughout my medical journey, my Breast Surgeon Dr. Christine Teal and her amazing team cared for me and about me.”

Today, Mariam is enjoying life cancer free. And her GW team, including Dermatologist Dr. Adam Friedman, continue to care for her and treat the long-term effects that cancer has had on her body.

“No one wishes for cancer, but my experience allowed me to cross paths with extraordinary people. My family and I are so grateful to my GW team for their care and compassion.”