Sylvia Silver, PhD
Affiliation: Cancer Immunology and Microbial Oncology Research Program, Microbiology, Immunology, and Tropical Medicine
Researcher Bio:

As the program director for the Medical Laboratory Science programs from 1978 until 2012, Dr. Silver led the program in its transition from an on-campus traditional program to a distance education program, allowing students to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees while staying in their present geographic locations. Dr. Silver has been involved with professional development in clinical research related to HIV nationally and internationally, and most recently working with early stage investigators in HIV research. Dr. Silver has more than 20 years’ experience in biorepository quality management through her NCI funding for the AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource, her role as the director for the AIDS Malignancy Clinical Trials Consortium BIorepository and her oversight for NCI of the new AIDS and Cancer Resource Regional Biorepository for Sub-Saharan Africa at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town South Africa.

Research Summary:

Concurrent with her teaching activities, Dr. Silver has maintained an active research portfolio with continuous extramural funding since 1981 that has included activities in computer-assisted instruction and problem-based learning. She presently is a principal investigator of the NCI-funded AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource, and director of the AIDS Malignancy Consortium Clinical Trials BIorepository, a co-investigator on the NIH-funded Women’s Interagency HIV Study, the District of Columbia Developmental Center for HIV Research and serves as the Developmental Core co-director and director of its Professional Development Program. Additionally, Dr. Silver has worked to build research capacity in HIV, TB, and malaria with colleagues in Cape Town, South Africa since 2003.

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