Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans

Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP) is a rare type of skin cancer that forms in the connective tissue cells in the middle layer of the skin, known as the dermis.

DFSP might initially look like a pimple or feel like a rough patch of skin, so it’s important to see a doctor if you notice any new or unusual-looking changes to your skin.

DFSP is most commonly treated with Mohs micrographic surgery—an approach that involves cutting away thin layers of cancer-containing skin until only cancer-free tissue is left. Mohs surgery provides the highest cure rate, lowest recurrence, and best cosmetic result.

Specialists in the GW Cancer Center’s Cutaneous Oncology Program are highly trained to diagnose and treat all types of skin cancer, including DFSP, which affects approximately 1,000 people in the U.S. each year.