Read about inspiring stories from our GW patients.
Antoinette Brosset

My doctors at GW Cancer Center saved my life more than once.

Antoinette Brosset Breast Cancer
Mariam Said

My family and I are so grateful to my GW team for their care and compassion.

Mariam Said Breast Cancer
Vincent Jones

GW has been the best place for me, my family, and my condition.

Vincent Jones Multiple Myeloma

The Mammovan saved my life

Brenda Breast Cancer
Photo of Ms. Jones

I don’t care what anybody says; when something like this comes up, it’s not only a test of your faith, it’s a test of endurance.

Amy Jones Breast Cancer
Cara Scharf photo

This was not supposed to happen. I am only 25 years old. I was supposed to learn I had some fat lobules or whatever it was that people my age have. Not breast cancer.

Cara Scharf Breast Cancer
Photo of Aaron doing yoga

When a person is first diagnosed with cancer, they may not be in the best mindset, and yoga is a way to decompress.

Aaron Wertlieb Prostate Cancer