Ka Bian, PhD
Affiliation: Cancer Biology Research Program, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
Researcher Bio:

Inflammatory reaction has been linked to a wide variety of chronic pathological conditions including autoimmune disease and cancer. Current approaches to controlling inflammation are not always successful, making the need for new approaches urgent. Discovery of the NO related molecular mechanisms contributing to increased susceptibility to inflammatory lesions is the current goal of my research. The role of NO signaling in tumor biology has been extensively studied during the past two decades with puzzling information.

Based on this research by using primary culture human cancer cell and isolated human cancer stem cell, my research was able to form a new hypothesis which states the importance of NO/sGC/ cGMP signaling in two separated categories: Up-stream iNOS centered pathway is involved in the enhanced pro-inflammatory status that is key element for cancer micro-environment. Down-stream sGC/cGMP mediated pathway is responsible to proliferation, differentiation and self-renewal of cancer (stem) cells. The cGMP-independent signaling molecule has been discovered for their important role in cancer biology through my recent research.

Research Summary:

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Research Interests: HDACs