GW Cancer Center 2023-2027 Strategic Plan


The GW Cancer Center brings science to the bedside for prevention and treatment, pioneers

transformative discoveries between scientists and clinicians, delivers interdisciplinary care, engages with

our diverse communities to understand their cancer priorities, and influences policy across health

systems. Right here in the nation's capitol.

Since 2015, the GW Cancer Center has provided world-class oncology services to the greater D.C. region.

With a reputation for multidisciplinary patient-centered care, transformative clinical research, and a

commitment to health equity and serving underrepresented communities, GWCC’s internationally

renowned experts are your trusted and compassionate partners along every step of the cancer journey.

Our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan furthers our commitment to reducing the cancer burden in our region by

leading cutting-edge cancer research, training the next generation of physicians and scientists,

implementing prevention strategies, providing exceptional treatment, and improving outcomes. Our

actions are represented by seven Strategic Pillars built upon an infrastructure foundation. Our strategic

plan is adaptable by design. Each year will include new actions, bringing us closer to our vision to create

a cancer-free world through ground-breaking research, innovative education, and equitable care for all.

Strategic Plan Dashboard

The Strategic Plan Dashboard tracks the status of each Strategic Pillar, showing which actions are in progress or have been completed. View the Strategic Dashboard

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