Cancer Prevention in the Community

Through programs that educate members of the local community, health practitioners, policy makers, patients and survivors, and others, the GW Cancer Center serves as an education and information source on the prevention, early detection, and treatment of cancer as well as what surviving cancer means.

As part of its mission to provide community education, the GW Cancer Center takes its programs to the people. Our staff, trained in medicine, nursing, social work, cancer genetics, and public health, is available to go out to community centers, schools, and universities, places of worship, and other groups.

The GW Cancer Center also serves as an information and referral source to inform cancer survivors about available local, regional, and national support groups/services.

GW Cancer Center provides the following preventative screenings and resources.

Cancer Screenings
Free Mammograms through the Mammovan
Breast Imaging and Intervention Center
Free Prostate and Colorectal Cancer Screenings
Lung Cancer Screening Program

For Survivors of Adult Cancers: (202) 741-2222 ext. 1
For Survivors of Childhood Cancers: (202) 476-2510

Additional Cancer Prevention Resources

Cancer Screening
Screening and Testing to Detect Cancer
American Cancer Society Guidelines for the Early Detection of Cancer
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Cancer Screening Tests section
The Mobile Mammography Program: Mammovan

General Resources
American Cancer Society
National Cancer Institute
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Healthy Lifestyle

Preventing Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer Foundation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Skin Cancer section
National Cancer Institute Skin Cancer Prevention section

Smoking Cessation
American Lung Association
Smoke-free Homes