Ph.D., 1997 The George Washington University, Applied Social Psychology
M.A., 1991 The George Washington University, Public Policy, Concentration in Women’s Studies

Dr. Bowleg’s mixed methods research focuses on: (1) the effects of social-structural context, masculinity, and resilience on Black men’s sexual HIV risk and protective behaviors; and (2) intersectionality, stress, and resilience among Black LGB people.  She is also a leading scholar of the application of intersectionality to social and behavioral science research. She is the PI of two ongoing NIH/NIMH funded R01 studies in Washington, DC.  Men Count (joint-PI: Anita Raj; 1 R01 MH096657 – 01) is an HIV prevention intervention with unemployed and/or unstably housed Black heterosexual men. Menhood (1 R01 HD074451-01) examines the effects of neighborhood and individual-level stressors and resilience on Black men’s sexual risk. REPRESENT, her 2007 NIH/NICHD-funded study (1 R01 HD054319-01), examined the effects of masculinity ideologies, sexual scripts and social-structural factors on the sexual risk behaviors of a sample of Black heterosexual men in Philadelphia, PA. She is an editorial board member of the following journals: Archives of Sexual BehaviorCulture, Health and SexualityLGBT HealthJournal of Sex Research; and Sexuality Research and Social Policy.  She is the recipient of the 2014 Psychology and AIDS Distinguished Leadership Award from the American Psychological Association. In January 2018, she will assume directorship of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Core of the DC-Center for AIDS Research.