Javad Nazarian, PhD
Affiliation: Cancer Biology Research Program, Children's National Hospital
Researcher Bio:

I am an investigator at the Center for Genetic Medicine in Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., and an assistant professor in Integrative Systems Biology at the George Washington University. I received my PhD from the George Washington University in Genetics in 2005. My dissertation research involved molecular profiling of neuromuscular junctions using laser capture microdissection. My postdoctoral research involved using the torpedo electric fish as a model to understand the protein makeup of human electric synapses. My second postdoctoral research involved protein profiling of pediatric brainstem tumors.  

Research Summary:

My laboratory is interested in the molecular analysis of pediatric brainstem gliomas (BSGs) and developing novel methodologies for drug delivery.  Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) are high grade brainstem gliomas (BSGs) that remain uniformly fatal. Despite three decades of clinical research, the survival rate of children with high grade gliomas (WHO Grades III and IV) remains less than 10%.  Factors contributing to the lack of progress include challenges in surgical resection, poor availability of tissue, and lack of robust animal models of the disease. 

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Research Interests: Pediatric Oncology, Brain Tumors, Neuro-Oncology