Robert Miller, PhD
Affiliation: Leadership and Administration, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Researcher Bio:

Current Research Themes

Neural Development/Stem Cells (Longstanding research area)

  • Understand cellular and molecular control of nervous system glial specification
  • Identify molecules that regulate glial cell proliferation and migration. 

Myelin Repair (Myelin Repair Foundation, Athersys, BiogenIdec)

  • Utilize adult neural progenitor cells to enhance repair
  • Characterize human neural progenitor cells 

Brain tumor Biology (Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and Neurosurgery Dept at University Hospitals and the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center at Henry Ford Hospital)

  • Characterize cellular origins of neural tumors
  • Identify novel therapeutic targets to control cell proliferation, death and migration of neural cells

Spinal Cord Injury (Neurosurgery Dept. University Hospitals and CWRU Stem Cell Center)

  • Utilize molecules important in glial development to facilitate spinal cord repair
  • Develop neural and non-neural stem cell approaches to modulate spinal cord injury responses.