Research Programs

Researchers in a lab

The George Washington University (GW) Cancer Center boasts state-of-the-art research facilities and programs dedicated to cancer discovery through interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists and clinicians throughout GW. These partnerships, across campus and across the country, facilitate novel approaches to cancer diagnosis and treatment in the areas of cancer biology; cancer engineering and technology; cancer immunology and microbial oncology; population sciences and policy.

Cancer Biology

The Cancer Biology Program focuses on investigating the mechanisms and signaling pathways involved in the development and progression of cancer, with a focus on genetics and epigenetics.

Cancer Engineering and Technology

The Cancer Engineering and Technology Program provides new tools to address cancer and improve patient outcomes. By collaborating with researchers across different backgrounds and disciplines, the Cancer Engineering and Technology Program takes basic science knowledge and optimizes it to benefit patients through high quality personalized medicine.

Cancer Immunology and Microbial Oncology

The Cancer Immunology and Microbial Oncology Program focuses on the mechanisms of cancer development and immune system regulation. Microbial Oncology focuses on the role of viruses and pathogens in cancer biology and immungenicity, the ability of an antigen to provoke an immune response.

Cancer Control and Health Equity

The Population Sciences and Policy Program contributes to the prevention, detection and control of cancer through the study of health-related behaviors, health care systems and health-related quality of life.